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My job is to help you live a full, free and empowered life. This is what I love most about my work and where I would like to help you.

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Do you long to be free? Are there obstacles in the way to you being able to live a wholehearted and fulfilled life? My heart is to see you set free from things that encumber you and problems that defeat you. Together we will go on a journey where you will discover what is preventing you from wholehearted living. Often unnoticed or suppressed hurts, losses, insecurities, and shame from the past trap us in destructive patterns of thinking and behavior that affect our current lives and relationships. These default patterns may mean we continue in unhealthy ways of relating that disempower both us and others. As we work together you will discover more about who you are, and what is happening on a deeper level. You will gain awareness and be empowered to grow. You will find ways to make changes that will help you reach your full potential, to live from your authentic self, and to relate better with others.

Jane Kjersten

I offer a professional, confidential, caring, and interpersonal process where you can talk about the things that are troubling you. Together we can discover what is happening for you on a deeper level and find ways to work through old patterns and find new meaning, clarity, direction, and hope.

I can help you:

  • Find your voice by finding ways that work for you to speak from your authentic self.
  • Face the fears and anxiety that prevent you from making life changes.
  • Work through avoidance, shame, and the effects of low self-esteem that are caused by living with dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning difficulties.
  • Embrace giftedness.
  • Support highly sensitive persons (HSP) to navigate and embrace their deep sensitivity.
  • Process grief and loss.
  • Deal with anger, loneliness, and depression.
  • Heal the effects of psychological abuse and domestic violence. Access my brochure HERE.
  • Work through trauma, sexual abuse, childhood hurts and attachment issues.
  • Address self-harm, eating issues, and negative body image.
  • I also specialize in temperament therapy which looks at your unique personality profile.
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