Spiritual Mentoring

Are you searching for meaning?  Are you looking for answers to the depth of your loneliness?  Have you ever wondered if there is a God and if there is a spiritual world or any higher power who actually cares?

I can help you look into those questions.  I believe that personhood emerges from encounter – between God and each other.  We are born in relationship for relationship.  Many of us live isolated and alone.  Scared to enter into real authentic relationship we hide from God, ourselves and others.

As we work closely together we will discover:

  • The joy of the abiding life
  • Growth in relationship with God and others
  • Discovery of your authentic spiritual self
  • Answers for ways through obstacles in your life
  • “Wholehearted living” (Brene Brown, 2015)
  • Healing from shame and isolation
  • Freedom and rest
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