About Me

I began my journey in professional counselling in 1994.  I wanted to help people who were suffering, lost, and traumatized - experiences that were also historically my own.

I initially trained in Basic Counselling, Temperament Therapy, and Marriage Therapy through the United States.  I completed a Diploma in Counselling here in New Zealand in 2004 and then a Bachelor in Counselling in 2010. I completed my Master of Counselling degree with First Class Honours through the University of Auckland in 2016.

I have studied theology in-depth and for many years I worked in Abiding Life Ministries where I ran seminars and retreats and worked as a counsellor in bible school.  I am still very active in deeper thought processes around theology, philosophy, and anthropology which continue to grow me and inform my life.

I have completed many professional development programmes over the years including:  trauma, complex trauma, and dissociation; couples work; Interactive Drawing Therapy; sexual abuse; attachment and early childhood experiences; courses on vulnerability with Brene Brown; sexuality; and many others.

I believe therapists must be engaged in their own regular personal counselling in order to practice safely and I continue to pursue this.  I have pursued my own depth psychotherapy. 

As a kiwi who loves to travel, I have lived in the UK, Australia and Africa.  I have had the honour of raising two delightful sons.   I love art, music, and I pursue writing.

I am a full member of the NZCCA and a Provisional Member with the NZAC.  I am also a member of the SACC in the US.

I am fully guided by the Code of Practice and Ethics of the NZCCA and the NZAC.

To ensure safe and effective practice, and ongoing personal development, I attend regular supervision sessions.

You will see that working relationally and interpersonally guides my life and work.  If you decide to work with me you can expect warmth, authentic encounter and emerging change!

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