Style of Practice

Several theories and modalities are foundational to my work:

Interpersonal Therapy:

Working in the here and now, with the focus on the therapeutic relationship and how this reflects other relationships.

Psychodynamic Theories and Practice:

TA, Gestalt, Inner Child work: working with sub-conscious and unconscious material to dismantle powerful defenses and patterns from the past; to bring release from childhood trauma, neglect, and/or non-attuned parenting.

I-Thou Relational Practice:

Respecting the other person’s opinions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, choices, needs and desires; working from the I-Thou (Buber, 1958)

Transpersonal Psychology:

Integrating the spiritual and transcendent aspects of experience with modern psychology practices.  Wikipedia defines transpersonal as a "spiritual psychology" or "experiences in which the sense of identity or self extends beyond (trans) the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of life, psyche, or cosmos"

Feminist Theories:

My work is driven by a strong desire for social justice, freedom for the marginalised and equality.

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