According to the New Zealand Dyslexia Foundation, dyslexia is a "different way of thinking" that may affect one in ten people. The British Dyslexia Association defines dyslexia as "a specific learning difference which has a combination of weaknesses and strengths that affect reading, writing, spelling, and numeracy, as well as sequencing, speed of processing, and short term memory".

Many people think of dyslexia as simply a problem with reading and writing. Actually, dyslexia may have a profound affect on many areas of functioning, and individuals with specific learning difficulties are highly susceptible to emotional and social problems. Laughton King (2010), suggests "if we continue to see dyslexia as being merely a reading and writing problem, we will continue to deprive these people of any real understanding or support in terms of the extent and depth of their difficulties" (www.dyslexiadismantled.com).

The main point is that dyslexic people connect with the world differently and need others to speak their language.
Dyslexic people have many strengths. They are often highly intelligent; phenomenal outside-the-box / bigger picture thinkers; highly creative; entrepreneurs; insightful; talented individuals.

The goal of my research, overall, is to help persons with dyslexia to find their voice and share their experiences of being dyslexic with the world, especially so that others may learn to speak their language. I want professionals, academics, businesses, teachers, social workers, and counsellors to better understand the experiences of people who live with dyslexia so they can change their own view of such differences and embrace those who think differently. I long to see people who live with dyslexia and who suffer from a low self-esteem, depression and negative identity conclusions set free so that they can reach their full gifted potential.

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