Drawing Talk

Drawing Talk is a method I have created that aids communication between partners in intimate relationships, in friendships, between teachers and students and between family members where dyslexia is in the mix.

Actually, it can be helpful for most people!

People with dyslexia, or a specific learning difficulty, connect with the world differently.

In communication when a dyslexic and non-dyslexic talk it can feel like both are on different planets!

Drawing Talk is a pictorial externalising tool that uses pictures, along with written words, while people talk back and forth on the page.  It respects the speaker by inviting others to listen, empathise, and then respond and slows the communication process down which helps deeper issues to emerge and be  heard.

This method helps individuals with dyslexia better process at their own speed and helps them express what they are needing to say.  It helps the non-dyslexic to better understand the dyslexic.  It can help bring each one’s different inner world together.

Drawing Talk is different to Interactive Drawing Therapy (Russell Withers), Drawing and Talking (Michael Green), or Joint Drawing.

Drawing Talk helps non-dyslexics, who may find processing language and words easier and faster, to slow down allowing the dyslexic person to have time to process and express, which invites better understanding.

Some people with dyslexia may find it challenging to know, and put words to, what they feel.  Drawing Talk supports dyslexics and non-dyslexics to better understand and empathise with each other’s feelings.

It is especially helpful when there are major conflicts, in circular arguments that go no-where, and in difficult conversations that require the vulnerability and honesty needed to repair relationships.

I offer workshops to teach this method.

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